Marine Rescue starts at home for climbersdirect.  Hemsby and Caister are two independent and voluntary lifeboat service that operates within the nearby coastal areas and the broad. These are ran outside the RNLI, buy very hornable people who give up time and work to save life’s.

Maritime search and rescue is carried out at sea and on broads to save sailors and passengers in distress, or the survivors of downed aircraft. The type of agency which carries out maritime search and rescue varies by country; it may variously be the coast guard, navy or voluntary organizations. When a distressed or missing vessel is located

All good crews need equipment and here at Climbersdirect we have state of the art, rescues equipment.

Baltic lifejackets

Baltic HYBRID 220 Lifejacket

£258 inc Vat

Baltic lifejackets


£36 inc Vat

Baltic lifejackets

Baltic Whistle 2508

£3.60 inc Vat

Gecko Marine Helmets

Gecko Open Face Helmets

marine rescue

Marine Lights

Exposure OLAS

Olas Tag

Personal Location Beacon (PBL)

sMRT AU10-X Personal Location Beacon