Baltic lifejackets

Baltic lifejackets are compact and easy to wear. In this category you can find special lifejackets with PVC outer covers that provide high resistance to flame, oil, mould and UV-light plus lifejackets with 305N buoyancy to overcome the negative forces of heavy industrial clothing.

Here at Baltic Safety we love boats, water, sun, sailing and canoeing. In short we love everything to do with water. Therefore we have devoted our time to make life safer on or around water and to have fun in safety and comfort.

We are a Swedish company that has made lifejackets since 1977. For more than 30 years we have kept to the philosophy that it is impossible to compromise quality and functionality, and this philosophy has made us the largest manufacturer in Europe with distributors in over 50 countries.


Baltic lifejackets

Baltic HYBRID 220 Lifejacket

£258 inc Vat

Baltic lifejackets


£36 inc Vat

Baltic lifejackets

Baltic Whistle 2508

£3.60 inc Vat

As market leader, we are the company leading development. This we do. Regarding function and design we are the leaders. OUR ENVIRONMENTAL POLICY Baltic Safety Products AB intends that its activity shall be as harmless to nature as possible by reducing the environmental load and economising on the Earths resources. By constant improvements and preplanning to accomplish a manufacturing process that efficiently uses energy and raw materials to minimise harmful environmental effects. This we intend to accomplish by implementing the following: We only use electricity that comes from renewable energy sources such as wind and water. Focusing on the effective usage of the raw material in the design and development process to minimise waste. Applying the intentions of the Montreal protocol and its amendments by not using materials, machines or appliances that contain substances harmful to the ozone layer. Not using production or storage methods which contributes to the greenhouse effect by using carbon based fuels. Minimising the usage of materials that when burned, produces ecologically harmful gases. Optimising logistics to reduce the transportation needs to lower the carbon dioxide production. Limiting the usage of electricity through storing in a cold, dehydrated environment and a temperature policy in warm premises. Using energy saving office appliances and fluorescent lamps. The use of recyclable packaging materials wherever possible. Only using contractors licensed by the relevant authority for recycling of computers and other waste management. Waste separation to recycle plastic, cardboard and paper. Recycling toner cassettes, inkjet cartridges and old batteries. Never burning waste materials. Not storing any environmental hazardous substances. The environmental policy should be considered constantly as part of the ongoing process of continuously educating and informing our employees in environmental issues