Safety: A Suitable Rope For All Applications.

EDELRID Rope core textile braiding and processing (i.e. weaving, braiding, stitching and textile finishing) aids them in putting safety and quality first during the development and production of Personal Protective Equipment (PPE).

This is evident in our extensive collection of ropes, and if you take a look at our selected highlights below we’re confident you’ll find the correct rope to meet your work safety requirements.

Superstatic Link Tec:

  • Represents the pinnacle of EDELRID Rope production expertise
  • Possesses the highest abrasion resistance in the range
  • Link Tec technology minimises sheath slippage thanks to a bonded sheath/core construction
  • Perfectly suited for long abseils and any rigorous rope access work
  • 9mm, 10.5mm, 11mm diameters available
  • EDELRID Rope for rescue teams or very hard use with high twist mantle braiding
  • Braided core construction provides excellent form stability in descenders
  • Completely preshrunk fibres means no shrinkage and great knot-ability
  • Great for use on sharp edges
  • 11mm diameter
Safety Super II:

  • EDELRID Rope great abrasion resistance in hard use
  • Better for all round rope access use, maintaining good-knot ability over it’s working life
  • Great price to durability ratio
  • Minimal shrinkage and low elongation values
  • Designed to run easily through abseil, belay and rescue devices
  • 9.5mm, 10.5mm, 11mm diameters available
Performance Static:

  • Price is reflective of EDELRID Rope sheath abrasion resistance
  • Parallel core construction is well suited to long descents
  • Will stiffen up over time with hard frequent use
  • Multiple wound core to ensure the highest breaking strength
  • 9mm, 10mm, 10.5mm, 11mm, 12mm diameters available
Pro Static:

  • EDELRID Rope single braid fine sheath provides great sheath tooth resistance
  • Minimal wear of descenders and hardware, though handling is stiff for complex applications
  • Maximum breaking strength when knotted allows great versatility for modern rope access techniques
  • 11mm diameter
Static Float:

  • EDELRID Rope floating rope
  • Designed for frequent abseil use thanks to its refined sheath
  • Suitable for use in wet conditions
  • The bright colours make it easy to see in poor visibility or adverse conditions
  • 11mm diameter